Friday, June 24, 2011


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So the ending to the FEAR saga has hit the shelves, and I'm here to tell you if this game is worth your hard earned dollars, if you've never played F.E.A.R or F.E.A.R 2, this game does not require you to play the predecessors before, the new installment puts in a new aspect to the story mode, Co-op where you can play as Point Man and Paxton Fettel, which adds a new element to the game style, which in-turn could go either way, as Fettel you have the power to assist Point Man in combat with, telekinesis, possession, stun, and a few other abilities not listed, this game features online and offline Co-op, this also works a little like Lego StarWars, once you complete a level as Point Man you can go back and replay the level as Fettel.


The Multiplayer will be featuring four game modes which include, "Fucking Run!" "Contactions" "Soul Survivor" and "Soul King". Fucking Run features 4 players running through waves of enemies, all while also trying to run through Alma's "Wall of Death", the players start off in a safe room and proceed through the levels, killing enemies within a time limit, and if one of the players get "downed", then one of the other players may revive him, but if just one player dies it's game over! Contractions Is a survival based game mode where you have to barricade and stock up against 20 waves of enemies, similar to one of the scenes in the single player mode, as you progress through the waves, a "fog" creeps closer and closer making the map more and more dangerous with each wave. Soul Survivor Has four players pitted against each other, where as one of the players is a "Spectre" where he/she has to posses enemies to kill the other three players and turn them into Spectres before time runs out which, in-turn makes it more difficult for the remaining survivors as more are turned. Soul King Is a knock off of "Soul Survivor" but with the exception that all of the player play as 
Spectres, where the players have to posses enemies and battle, where when players are killed they drop Souls. The multiplayer modes encourage Teamwork and Cooperation to prevail.

Overall this installment is looking to top the predecessors, probably not so much in story, but more as in gameplay. Also, sorry for the sloppy grammar and lack of detail, I am in somewhat of a rush, but anyway happy gaming! :D


  1. great game series. sad to see it go.

  2. I've been considering playing FEAR, but I hate gore games or games that have monsters that pop up unneccessarily often. Does this have either, or is it a genuine psychological thriller?

  3. @ James, I haven't played it myself, but by what I've heard it is really supposed to be unique and deep, thinking about buying it, but probably won't.

  4. haha Fucking run sounds awesome! :P I'd buy the game just for that xD Thank for the share, I've forgot everything about FEAR :D